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Question   the goodman family
sharon we cant thank you enough the photos are amazing.there are so many great shots its going to be hard to choose x

- sharon goodman 4/23/2009 10:16:13 AM

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Question   Great Work!!
Amazing photography. Great Web site.

- Kathy McArthur 12/1/2008 10:02:41 AM

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Question   Family photoshoot
Sharon made us feel totally at ease and welcome. What followed was a fun but comprehensive shoot of various family groupings but our real delight were the shots Sharon managed to tease out of our (gorgeous) 1 year old. Professionalism and experience gave us what we were looking for from a photoshoot with a (tired!) child. Many thanks!

- Gillian Reid 10/31/2008 8:00:45 AM

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Question   Website
Lovely website Sharon, I am so sure you are going to do very well. Rita

- Rita John son 10/28/2008 1:00:59 AM

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Question   magical moments
what a wonderful collection! the 'happy days' black and white shots are emotive and stunning. pure jpy!

- louise stephenson 10/27/2008 12:45:27 PM

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Question   Our family photo shoot
Sharon is totally amazing in every sense of the word.: she worked wonders with our family photos and the ones of our little girl are totally breathe taking.... she is also an amazing woman to work with so thank you so much for your time and creative genius xxx love the frosts xx

- michelle frost 10/25/2008 9:03:00 AM

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Question   Amazing!
So emotional. Truly stunning works of art.

- Shari Trudeau 10/24/2008 5:35:51 PM

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Question   Sharon McAulay
Amazingly beautiful work that brings tears to my eyes -- not only because I recognize some of the people, but also because I recognize the images as honest, bitter-sweet, and hopeful.

- carol mcaulay 10/24/2008 4:00:22 PM

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Question   AMAZING WORK!!!
Your work is outstanding! It was also a pleasure working with such a professional. You brought out the best in my children with your photography, something others have not accomplished. I look forward to working with you again in the future!!

- Maria Ursini 10/23/2008 6:50:46 AM

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Question   Speechless - Make over shots
WOW, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My make-over shots are AMAZING - I look like a model :), you´re a genius with that camera. Think I need a portfolio now.

- natasja egly 10/23/2008 12:29:49 AM

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